Our Story

From Nonna’s Kitchen

Camisa Pizza is a tribute to my grandmother.  When she was very young, she and her two sisters traveled from Southern Italy to the United States to start a new life.  I can remember being a young boy, listening to them talk and laugh as I learned how to roll meatballs.   They would chase me around the kitchen, trying to pinch my cheeks as I ran away.  As I got older, I would slide a chair over to the stove and steal meatballs as they simmered in thick tomato sauce.

I think that’s where my love for cooking was born.  I still smile when I think back to those years, learning and cooking in my Nonna’s kitchen.  Today, I love seeing my customers smile when they taste food created with love from Nonna’s recipes.

We are excited about opening this family friendly pizzeria restaurant in Green Township.  As the owners and operators of Shakey Jakes in Stanhope, we’ve been a part of the local community for over 20 years.  Our goal is to offer a great dining experience, become more familiar with our neighbors and get more involved in local community events.

Buon Appetito!

The Deitrich Family